Getting Started

1. Set Up Your Account ID and Password

Your Account ID is the key to most technology resources on campus, including email, networks, shared file systems, eClass, MSMC portal. To set up your Account ID and password, visit the activation page.

2. Access Your Email and Calendar

All adjunct faculty are provided with a Goodle Apps for Education gmail account.  You can access your gmail through the portal (log into

3. Connect to the MSMC Network

You'll want to connect your computers, phones, and other devices to our wireless network.  Connect to wireless networkThen you need to register all your devices to connect to the internet.

4. Prepare to Teach in a Smart Classroom

Most classrooms are equiped with smart classroom technology.  To get you started, take a video tour of the technology in your classroom

5. Manage Your Classes Online

EClass, based on Moodle,  is a course management system with tools to manage your classes and interact with your students online. Most faculty use eClass to enhance classroom instruction.  If you want to use eClass, you must request an online classroom be set up for you by creating a ticket through the IT Support Desk. (Log in and submit a ticket)


6. Go to Home page of the MSMC Portal for more information

Check the portal ( regularly for the latest announcements, information about other offices, links to eClass, Student Information System, Security to register your car, Phone directory, MSMC calendars, IT Support Desk, etc.